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Agate and Jasper Cabochons

This section includes cabs made of agate, jasper, chert, rhyolite, and their varieties ("picture jasper", "wonderstone", "hickoryite", "mozarkite", etc). Free-form shapes are good for making wire-wrap jewelry or simply for collecting.  Standard shapes (e.g., oval) are also good for mounting in various jewelry findings.

What you see is what you get. Item in picture is same one that's for sale.
Each cabochon or piece of jewelry is a unique item.
The material is 100% natural and does not contain any added colors or stabilizers, unless specifically noted.  Normally, agate doesn't need any kind of treatments or resins.  It is a very hard, siliceous stone that takes a nice polish.

Assortment, 4-piece.  Four different cabs / freeforms. 
Left to Right: 
1.) Biggs Jasper (USA)
2.) Missouri Lace Agate (USA)
3.) Indian Blanket Jasper (USA)
4.) Porcelain Jasper (Mexico).

For size reference, the Biggs Jasper oval is about 1 1/16" tall.

All four cabs cut and polished in USA!

#CT1125.  4-pc. Agate & Jasper Cab Assortment............ $49.00

Biggs Jasper - Oregon. Graduated set of 3 ovals. One-of-a-kind set, cut and polished from choice material.

This set would look great fashioned into a piece of jewelry, or keep it for a collection. This classic picture jasper is not being mined anymore; the area where it occurred is now beneath a highway.

20x15 mm (thickness ~ 4 mm)
30x22 mm (thickness ~ 5 mm)
40x30 mm (thickness ~ 7 mm)

High-gloss polish on the fronts; backs are unpolished.

The smaller two (20x15 mm and 30x22 mm) are domed.
The largest one (40x30 mm) has a flat face.

Made in USA.

Biggs 3-Cab Set........$65.00

Indian Blanket Jasper - Utah. Freeform;  size approx. 40 x 26 mm.

Made in USA.

#CT1115 ................... $15.00

Click for larger image
Indian Blanket Jasper - Utah. Freeform, tapered.
Size approx. 37 x 19 mm. Thickness approx. 5 mm.
High-gloss polish (front only). Cut and polished in our workshop, here in the USA.

Indian Blanket freeform.............SOLD

Indian Blanket Jasper - Utah.
Extra-large oval. Size 52 x 38 mm. This one has a high dome, being 11 mm thick at the center. Glossy polish.

The very bright white area is reflection from a light, not part of the stone.

Made in USA.

#CT1070. Indian Blanket oval......$29.00

Parral Dendritic Agate - Mexico.  Manganese oxides in a white to colorless agate matrix. The dendrites have a metallic appearance when you tilt the piece in the light. This is an especially nice one.

High-gloss polish (back is unpolished). Freeform, tapered.

Cut and polished in USA.

Size: approx. 40 mm x 18 mm.

Parral Agate freeform.........$15.00

Parral Dendritic Agate - Mexico. This one has more of a "Dalmatian" appearance and is larger. High-gloss polish (back is unpolished). Size approx. 50 x 24 mm. Thickness approx. 6 mm.

This agate comes from Mexico.  Cab was cut and polished in the USA.

Parral Agate freeform #2 (Dalmatian).......$17.00

Porcelain Jasper - Mexico.
Size: 46x30 mm. Thickness ~ 6 mm.
Elongated shape - for a Bola tie, or keep as a collection piece. High-gloss polish front;  back is unpolished.  Cut from a standard pattern for a bola tie slide.
Material from Mexico;  cabochon cut and polished by us, here in the USA.

Porcelain Jasper tapered cab.........$18.00

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