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CR Scientific

Alcohol Lamps

alcohol lamp, glass
Jeweler's Alcohol Lamp for the laboratory. 
Flint Glass reservoir. Fuel capacity 120 mL. Can be used straight up or tilted.
Faceted / polyhedral design resists rolling off the bench.
#C3142. Jewelers Lamp ...... $6.49 ea.


burner stand

Alcohol Burner Stand... to support a small beaker or Erlenmeyer flask, etc. The alcohol lamp itself goes underneath the stand. The screen diffuses the heat of the flame.

#C5125. Alc. Burner Stand ...... $2.99 ea.
3+ pcs. $2.49 ea.

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Terms of Sale / Use

Alcohol lamp
Safety Reminders:

1.)  Never leave a flame unattended. 

2.)  Wear safety goggles at all times.

3.)  Every lab MUST have an ABC dry-chemical fire extinguisher within easy reach.

4.)  Use ONLY alcohol in this lamp.  Do not use any other type of fuel.

5.)  Make sure the lamp is extinguished completely before opening any container of flammable liquid.

6.)  Your lab workspace must be free of any clutter that could catch fire.  This includes papers, cardboard, curtains, rags, trash, etc.  That goes for the floor area as well as the lab bench!

7.)  Alcohol lamp is not for use by unsupervised minors.