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Since a good image depends on good light, it makes sense to choose a sturdy, bright source.  The Alpha 1502 fiber optic illuminator is just the solution:  a superb source of brilliant, white, cool light for working with a stereo inspection microscope.  Brightness is fully adjustable using a knob on the unit's chassis.
Every serious micromounter or micromineral collector should have one of these.  Great for photomicrography!  The Alpha 1502's cool light won't shatter delicate crystals the way ordinary lights can.
The Alpha 1502 is also ideal for:
Dentistry / Orthodontics
Dissection Labs
Electronics Inspection
....and any other use where a cool light source is desired.   

There is quite a difference between this an and ordinary light source (e.g., a desk lamp.)  The cool lighting provided by the Alpha 1502 allows for full, bright, even lighting of the subject being studied.  It eliminates harsh shadows.  If you use a macroscope for your daily work, or you're a serious hobbyist, this type of lighting is indispensable.

No more burning yourself
while looking through the microscope!

Color Temperature:  3200 K
Powered by: 120V AC
Bulb Life:  200 hrs at full intensity, much longer if you don't turn it up all the way
Bulb Type: 150 watt, 21 volt EKE
Max. Lamp Output:  40,000 ft-candles

Fan-cooled chassis, low noise

Dual light guides have tips that focus independently

Sturdy construction

Alpha 1501 Fiber optic illuminator

Dual light guides allow for virtually
shadow-free lighting!

A quality light source is just as important as a quality microscope. 

Once you try this illuminator, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one!

Alpha 1502 Fiber Optic Illuminator with
Dual Gooseneck light guides................$674

Our Price $539

Ship wt. 14 lbs. 
Your shipping cost will be calculated automatically at checkout.


Alpha 1502 Fiber Optic Illuminator with Ring Illuminator light guide................$890 Our Price $759
Ship wt. 10 lbs. 

Ring Light features:
*10W, 6400K cool fluorescent ring bulb
* Fits 50-70 mm diameter mounting rings
* Adapter ring is available for Paragon and boom stand microscopes
* 120V AC input

Alpha 1502 Illuminator (without light guides)..........$379
Manuf. retail price is $459
Ship wt. 9 lbs.

Dual Goosneck Light Guides (without the Alpha 1502 illuminator).......$199
Manuf. retail price is $235
Ship wt. 6 lbs.

Ring Light Guide (without the Alpha 1502 illuminator).......$379
Manuf. retail price is $459
Ship wt. 3 lbs.


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