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CR Scientific Articles Index

Science teaching resources - experiments in chemistry, biochemistry, mineralogy, etc

Safety Rating system for experiments.  Important:  This is a somewhat arbitrary rating system and is not meant to be a substitute for good judgment and lab experience.  The ratings given are not absolute;  certain factors can modify them either way.  Some experiments are by nature more variable than others.  

The presence or absence of safety rating(s) does not absolve the reader of responsibility for safety, nor does it constitute a recommendation to do any particular experiment(s).  Please review our Terms of Use.

  Low degree of overall hazard (toxicity, corrosiveness, flammability, etc), but accidents are still possible;  you must still have basic lab skills.  
  Moderate hazards.  Chemistry experience required. 
  Pronounced to Severe hazards.
  Most severe hazards.

If you choose to attempt any of the following procedures, you do so entirely at your own risk.  Your use of this website (and any information contained therein) constitutes agreement to our Terms of Use.

I. General Articles, Techniques & Overviews:

Biological Stains for microscopy

Centrifuge Safety - how to avoid getting hurt with a centrifuge

Distilling Fragrances & Essential Oils

Fixatives for microscopy

Heating of Retorts and Flasks

Newsletter - including archived issues with articles and experiments

Vacuum Flask Safety Reminders

II. Experiments & Research

Acid Mine Drainage, Some Chemistry of

Ammonia from Gym Socks 

Aspirin, Salicylic Acid, and Sodium Salicylate 

Blood Cells under the Microscope 

Borate-Boric Acid Buffer System 


Copper Sulfate and Sodium Thiosulfate:  The "Yellow Snowstorm" Reaction

CrO3-Mediated Selective Staining of Infection Leukocytes by Food Dyes 

Crystal Growth under the Microscope   

Crystals, Pollen, etc. under the Microscope  

Electrolysis of Water or Salt Solutions 

Enzyme Assay - Catalase by Perchromic Acid method 

Exercise-Induced Microscopic Hematuria

Five-Minute Food Color Stain   

Lab Notes - Ammonium Sulfide 

Lab Notes - Lead Acetate 

Microorganisms from Pond Water 

Mineral Test: Barite and Barium 

Mineral Test: Fluorine and Fluorides  to

Preparation of Calcium Oxide 

Preparation of Ferrous Sulfate 

Silver Recovery and Purification 

Sub-boiling Distillation of Hydrochloric Acid  

Lab Glassware
Chemistry - Other
Earth Science

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Terms of Use

Notice:  Your use of this website (and any information contained therein) constitutes agreement to our Terms of Use

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