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Vacuum Pumps, Water Operated (Aspirator type)

Chapman aspirator, metal

Body is nickel-plated white metal. One-way valve in side tube.
Water inlet connection is 3/8 NPT male (actual O.D. about 17 mm).
Overall height of unit is 5 3/8".
Side tube is 3/8" actual O.D.
#C1396 .... $27.95 ea.


Vacuum Gauge, Inline.   

Free-standing Bourdon tube vacuum gauge (manometer).  Cast iron base.  Takeoffs are 3/8" O.D.    Dual scale, 0 to 30" Hg (neg. gauge) and 0 to 760 mm Hg (neg. gauge).   Ship. wt. 2.2 lbs.
#C249 ...  $44.95 ea.


* This pump operates on Bernoulli's principle. An ideally-designed water jet pump would provide a vacuum limited only by the vapor pressure of water, given sufficient water flow. Theoretically, better vacuum is achieved with cold water; at 15C the vapor pressure of water is about 12.8 mm Hg, and at 10C the pressure is about 9.2 mm Hg.

Additional Notes:

Despite their simplicity, aspirator pumps produce enough vacuum to present an implosion risk.  Do not underestimate their power.  Wear eye and face protection when working with vacuum.

Vacuum performance, as well as chemical resistance of polypropylene, generally decreases with higher temperatures.

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