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boiling chips

Ultra-pure PTFE boiling stones (boiling chips) are of highest purity PTFE and are exceptionally resistant to chemical attack. Boiling chips are required to reduce the danger of "bumping" when heating liquids in test tubes and other narrow vessels; these chips are highly recommended in other boiling operations as well (keep in mind that PTFE may float on certain liquids).
Two or three of these chips should be added to a test tube prior to boiling*; larger vessels should have more chips. Since the chips are of different sizes, you may find it helpful to select the smaller ones for more narrow test tubes (such as 10x75 mm). Larger chips can also be cut into smaller pieces with little difficulty.
Extra-pure PTFE won't contaminate even your most exacting analyses.(Store the chips in a place free from dust and other foreign particles! Remember... they're also washable if they do get dusty.)

MSDS for this product can be downloaded here.

Important:  While these stones are highly inert and not prone to surface adsorption, they should not be considered sterile.  Prior to using them in any application that requires a sterile environment (e.g., DNA testing, microbiology), they should be cleaned, sterilized and [preferably] handled in a clean-room environment thereafter.
* It is not recommended to heat PTFE above 250C (482F).  

PTFE Boiling Chips, 1 lb container..........$54.95
Shipping weight 1.5 lbs


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