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CR Scientific

Reagent Bottles

Reagent Bottles, 250 mL (approx. 8 oz),
Wheaton brand, Narrow Mouth
with Ground Glass stopper (19/26). 

Diameter:  approx. 68 mm
Bottle Height:  147 mm
Height w/ Stopper:  approx. 161 mm
Flint / crown glass.  New Old Stock / Surplus, Made in USA.

$5.99 each


Good for most liquid reagents.  Avoid storing alkali solutions (e.g., NaOH, KOH), as these will corrode the stopper permanently shut.  Also (obviously) do not store HF or bifluoride solutions in glass. 

Other Sizes:  This is a NOS item, available only in the size(s) listed above.

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