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Microscopes & General Biology

For Molecular Biology, please see our Clinical catalog page.
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Camera, C-Mount:  BioVID for Microscopes

Camera, Eyepiece:  MiniVID for Microscopes

Compound Microscopes

Cover Slips for Microscopes Slides

Dissecting Tool Sets

Dissecting Trays

Illuminator, Fiber Optic

Microscope, Beginner:  MOBI, Jr.

Microscope, Professional:  I-4 Labscope

Microscope, Professional:  M2 Labscope

Microscope, Professional:  Revelation III

Microscope, Student:  College:  M1 PLUS

Microscope, Student:  High School:  SAF3

Microscope, Student:  Middle School:  SAF4

Slide Storage Boxes

Slides, Blank

Slides, Prepared

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Droppers and Bulbs


CAUTION: Buyer assumes all risks associated with storage, use, and handling of glassware. By placing an order with CR Scientific, Buyer signifies that he/she has read and agreed to our Terms of Use / Terms of Sale.  Certain states may regulate or restrict the possession of laboratory glassware;  it is the Buyer's responsibility to comply with applicable laws.


Terms of Use / Terms of Sale

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