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The USA E8F tabletop centrifuge is an economical model designed for nearly any budget.
This affordable fixed-speed unit is useful for blood analysis, as well as for the general chem laboratory where RCF need not be adjusted (e.g., spinning down precipitates for inorganic qualitative analysis).

• 8-place rotor
• 3500 rpm fixed speed - for blood samples
• Auto-off 30-minute timer with bell
• 110/220 volts universal AC brushless motor
• Includes eight 15-mL tube sleeves
• Includes eight tube sleeve inserts that hold 12 x 75 mm test tubes
• Will accept standard 15 mL centrifuge tubes
• Suction cup feet help prevent slipping
• Safety shut-off switch in lid
• One-piece, all-metal body
• 1-year materials & workmanship warranty

Centrifuge use and safety tips

Footprint / Width:  11 x 11 inches
Height:  Max height 9.5 inches
Weight: 9.5 lbs.

USA E8 Fixed-Speed Centrifuge  (Fixed speed, 110 & 220V AC.)
Our Price $

The fixed 3,500 rpm rotor speed is suitable for blood samples.

USA E8 Variable-Speed Centrifuge

Same as E8 Fixed, but allows variable speed control
Our Price $

USA E8 Portafuge (Fixed speed, 12V DC.)
Our Price $

Identical to the E8F, except the Portafuge runs on 12 volts instead of 110/120.  Great for field clinics and other applications where a mobile centrifuge is needed.  Operates with a car accessory plug!
Includes car seat adaptor.

Looking for centrifuge tubes? 12 x 75 mm test tubes will work in the smaller inserts. Standard 15 mL centrifuge tubes (glass, unmarked) are also in stock.


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