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Copyright Notice

1.)  Image Copyright  - You may not copy, distribute, or mirror any images, graphics, or photos from this web site without prior, written permission. 

We take copyright infringement seriously and will pursue it.

2.)  General

All articles, photographs, and other contents of this web site are copyright of CR Scientific LLC except where otherwise noted.  They may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, by any means (written, electronic, or other), without prior written permission. 

Brief quotations are permitted for academic purposes when a suitable reference or citation is included.  If you would like to obtain permission for some other use, please contact us.  Use of information in school projects, research papers etc. is encouraged as long as text and/or graphics are not copied verbatim, and as long you include a citation / reference to the original article.  
If you need to use an image as part of a school project, you may do so, provided you do not use the image for any purpose outside that school project, and provided that use does not include making the image available on the Internet.

Even though information itself is not subject to copyright, it is considered poor form (at best) to take information from a source without giving credit to that source, unless that information already qualifies as "common knowledge" (typically, meaning it has appeared in at least 3 published and readily-available sources that are independent of one another).

Please be advised that information on this website is not guaranteed to be free of errors or suitable for any particular purpose.  To act on, collect, assimilate, or otherwise use any of the information on this website, you must read and agree to our Terms of Use.

3.) Archives, Repositories, Mirror Sites:  We hereby deny permission for any articles on the CR Scientific web site to be archived or mirrored anywhere else on the web without our written permission. 

The Society for Amateur Scientists (SAS) has been given permission to print and archive certain of our articles.  However, we assume no responsibility for any disparities in content or formatting that may occur between articles on the CR Scientific web site and those on the SAS web site.  If and when changes and/or updates are made to articles on the CR Scientific website, regardless of reason, it is the sole responsibility of the SAS to make corresponding changes and/or updates to their archived and/or reprinted copies of those articles.

4.) Edited / Updated Content:  CR Scientific occasionally updates and edits its articles for clarity and/or content.  Even though our on-line articles may change somewhat over time, we claim copyright on all prior and subsequent versions of that article, not just on the one that's currently available.  We retain CD archive  copies of articles in case there is any confusion.


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