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Minerals For Sale: 

Rancieite (#CR316)

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Bad Grund
Steinbruch Winterberg
Harz Mountains
Lower Saxony, Germany

There must be at least four or five mineral species in this specimen.  This assemblage would be expected to have todorokite, pyrolusite, and other manganese minerals, in addition to rancieite. 

Earlier description said "stilpnomelane" when it should have said "psilomelane".   The latter refers to a group of hydrous Ba-Mn oxides including romanechite, which may well be in this specimen also.

There are some colorless micro xtls in here, also;  species unidentified.

Much study to be had with a loupe or stereo scope, or simply display the piece as a cabinet specimen. 

Size:  about 3 inches across largest dimension.
Ship. wt. 1.5 lbs

#CR316 .... $22.00



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