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Minerals For Sale: 

Chondrodite (?)- Franklin, NJ (#CR345)

This is a more detailed listing of a mineral from the main category page,     Daylight Minerals of the Franklin-Sterling Hill Area.

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Chondrodite with Edenite (?)
Franklin, NJ

Found on Buckwheat, not the area quarries.  The crystal grains are unusually large, up to about 1.5 inches across.  They seem to be a darker honey-brown than usually encountered from this location.  Someone might identify this material as uvite / fluor-uvite.  The mineral fluoresces weakly yellowish-orange, which can fit either uvite or norbergite / chondrodite. 

This is being sold as "Chondrodite (?)" with a grayish amphibole mineral that might be edenite or actinolite.  You decide what minerals these are.

Size & Weight: 

About 5" x 4" x 2 1/2"
Weight approx 2 lbs.

#CR345 ... $36.00

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