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Straight Drying Tubes
(For U-shaped tubes please click here)

This is the traditional type of drying tube.  The stem is put through the hole of a perforated cork or stopper.  The drying tube is filled with a desiccant, usually lumps of either calcium chloride or Drierite.  Unless the chunks are very big, the desiccant is held in place (both ends) with a couple of loose wads of glass wool or Kaowool.  The straight drying tube is good for reactions requiring a gas vent to the outside without letting moisture into the system.  (Don't use for high pressure).  CO2 can also be absorbed by using soda-lime pellets;  just remember that it still lets O2 in. 

For glass-jointed apparati, the drying tube stem can sometimes be fitted through a thermometer adapter or well, depending on the size of the adapter hole.

For a gas generation setup, the top of the drying tube is fitted with a 1-hole stopper and glass tube of its own.  Water vapor is removed from the gas on its way through the desiccant-filled tube.

Straight drying tubes are sometimes used as micro-fractionating columns, in which case they're filled with glass tubing sections or glass spheres.

100 mm Drying Tube, Straight, with single Bulb
Stem O.D.:  5.9 to 6.0 mm
Bulb O.D.: 26.8 mm
Body O.D.: 14.5 mm
Body Length (incl. Bulb):  about 96 mm
Overall Length:  about 130 mm
#C4011 .... $3.89 each
     Drying tube only;  as shown in photograph

150 mm Drying Tube, Straight, with single Bulb

Drying tube only;  accessories not incl.
Stem O.D.: 6.8 to 7.0 mm
Bulb O.D.: 29.5 mm
Body O.D.: 14 mm
Body Length (incl. Bulb):  about 147 mm
Overall Length:  about 180 mm
#C4012....$3.99 each
     Drying tube only;  as shown in photograph


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