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CR Scientific

Laboratory Electrodes

and related items for electricity and electrochemistry experiments.

We normally stock flat electrodes in Aluminum, Carbon, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Tin, and Zinc.  If for any reason the website shows them not available,  please send us an email!


Aluminum Electrode, Flat (strip), approx. 24 mm wide, 124 mm (4.9 inches) long, and just under 0.7 mm thick.

#C541.............$1.39 each


Carbon Electrode, Flat. Last ones we measured were approx. 18 mm wide x 126 mm (5 inches) long x 5 to 6 mm thick. Carbon electrodes are resistant to chemical attack and can substitute for platinum in many situations, though carbon may erode faster in severe conditions. Important: These are not always cut to a consistent size. Electrodes may vary in size and shape, though they are roughly rectangular.

#C543.............$3.99 each


Carbon Electrode, Round (Pencil type). Current lot has diameter approx. 5.8 mm (just under 1/4"). Length approx. 126 mm (5 inches) long.

#C551 ...... $2.29 each


Copper Electrode, Flat (strip), approx. 19 mm (3/4 inch) wide x 126 mm (5 inces) long x 1 mm thick.

#C544 ........$2.19 each


Iron Electrode, Flat (strip), approx. 19 mm (3/4 inch) wide x 126 mm (5 inches) long x 1.2 mm thick. These arrive with a coating of grease to prevent rust; they must be de-greased prior to use. After using, they should be cleaned and re-coated with grease for storage, or else they will rust.

#C545...........$1.49 each


Nickel Electrode, Flat (strip), approx. 19 mm (3/4 inch) wide x 126 mm (5 inches) long x 0.5 mm thick. Nickel electrodes produce soluble Ni compounds (toxic) under anodic conditions;  be sure you're prepared to handle this.  Nickel is usually used as a cathode, where this will not happen;  for example, some fuel cell experiments make use of Ni cathodes to generate H2.
#C548..............$5.49 each


Porous Cup and other accessories:  Please see the Electricity page.

click for larger image  Stainless Steel Electrode, Wire (Round Cross-Section). Bent at one end like a candy cane. Last ones we measured were about 137 mm (5 3/8 inches) overall height. Wire diameter 2.4 mm; dia. of insulated portion 3.1 mm.

Please read the note (right-hand sidebar) regarding electrode measurements.  If you want these to fit in your electrolysis apparatus, you will almost certainly need to do custom fabrication.  We're sorry, but we cannot help you with this.

Sold in pairs.



Tin Electrode, Flat (strip), approx. 19 mm (3/4 inch) wide x 126 mm (5 inces) long x 1 mm thick.

#C549..............$4.49 each


Zinc Electrode, Flat (strip), approx. 19 mm (3/4 inch) wide; 126 mm (5 inches) long; 1.1 mm thick. Zinc electrodes acquire a film of oxidation readily in the air. Should be cleaned prior to use. Acidic solutions will attack zinc vigorously, eating away at the electrode.

#C547.............$2.29 each


CAUTION:  Wear gloves when handling electrodes; stamped metal may have sharp corners and / or edges. If you want to make the edges and corners smoother, use medium to fine sandpaper.

Also be sure to wear safety goggles during all experiments.


Electrolysis Apparatus

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Terms of Sale / Use


Important note regarding

Dimensions are subject to change. 

We cannot provide standard deviation (etc.), because sizes may vary from lot to lot

The electrodes we sell are for classroom / educational purposes. 

They are not designed for precise engineering projects.

Electrochemical series (Order of reactivity).

Higher in list = higher reactivity and more negative reduction potential.

    Al - Aluminum
    Zn - Zinc
    Fe - Iron
    Ni - Nickel
    Sn - Tin
    Cu - Copper

Notice that carbon doesn't really fit on this list when we're talking about aqueous electrochemistry (in other words, the typical electrolysis cell). 

Carbon, unlike the metals, does not actually go into solution as ions, nor can it be "plated out" from solution.  Instead it erodes away as fine particles of solid carbon that settle to the bottom.