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Electronic & Test Equipment, Used

Boonton Electronics Capacitance Meter
, Model 72B. 
Used, Working.

Analog capacitance meter.  Differential and Test modes.  Test voltage is 15 millivolts at 1 MHz.  Capacitance range 10 to 3000 pF, with 8-position selector switch.  Connectors in back allow for DC voltage bias while testing.

This is a very useful meter for measuring homemade capacitors (make sure they're discharged fully) for Tesla coils and Ham radio.  

The unit was tested on several capacitors of known value.  It appears to be quite accurate.  For example, a capacitor marked "430.5 pF" tested at 42.5 pF.  

There is a knob to zero the needle. Let the meter warm up for about 30 minutes before trying to take an accurate reading. The test leads are made of coaxial cable with alligator clips.  Because coaxial acts as a capacitor of its own, the meter is quite sensitive to the position of the cables, especially relative to one another. With some practice, you will learn to handle them properly.

30-day warranty:  return / refund;  does not cover misuse or ESD (see below).  Buyer pays return shipping.

Price: $649

Ship. wt. 10 lbs.
Will be packed in anti-static bubble wrap.

ESD Safety Tips:

Static Electricity can Destroy Equipment!

To prolong the service life of electronic test equipment
, we recommend a grounding plate for your work area, having about a 1M ohm path to ground. Touch the plate after walking across room, getting out of chair, or moving plastic packing materials, but prior to touching any test equipment, computers, parts, test leads, etc. 

The high-value resistor is a safety precaution, just in case you inadvertently contact line voltage or an energized capacitor with your other hand.  The resistor also dampens the "mini-EMP" that otherwise occurs when 10,000 volts go to ground.  This EMP can also damage some equipment.

Lack of spark does not indicate lack of ESD.  The lifting of a plastic bag can generate 600 volts, yet leave no outward indication-- other than malfunctioning equipment.

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