Fluorescent Mineral Cabochons & Free-Forms For Sale

Fluorescent Cabochons - cabs made from minerals that fluoresce in either short-wave (SW) or long-wave (LW) ultraviolet light.  Most pieces are free-form and suitable for wire-wrap jewelry or simply for collecting.  Others (where indicated) are standard sizes for mounting in various jewelry findings. 

To see the fluorescent colors, you need a special ultraviolet lamp.  Most of these require a Short-Wave (SW) unit, which puts out a wavelength of 254 nanometers. 

Item in picture is the same one that's for sale.  Each cabochon or piece of jewelry is a unique / one-of-a-kind item. 

Please Note:  Fluorescent mineral cabochons should be handled as delicate objects.  The ores and other rocks that typically contain fluorescent minerals are not as tough or durable as, for example, agates or jaspers.  Take care not to drop your cabochons onto any hard surface or otherwise subject them to rough handling.

When handling or examining an exotic mineral cabochon, please make sure to do so very close to the surface of the table in case you drop it.  We suggest laying out a pad or folded-up towel on the viewing area, as should be done for handling any other gemstone.   If you put cabochons in a display case, be sure not to leave them in direct sunlight  (expansion / contraction).  Most would probably be alright, but it's a worthwhile precaution anyway.

Most cabochons and freeforms have a rough-ground back (unpolished). 

Willemite & Calcite
Franklin, NJ

The willemite is in NF bustamite or rhodonite;  probably bustamite, as it has a more striated or fibrous appearance.  In daylight, the material is a mixture of tan and pink. 

Size:  max. dimensions approx. 40 x 40 x 17 millimeters
Wt.:  approx. 35 grams

#CT1124 ... $32.00

Willemite & Calcite with Glaucochroite
Franklin, NJ

Glaucochroite is non-fluorescent but has a color-change effect in white light.  In white fluorescent light, it's blue-gray;  under incandescent light it appears pinkish (like rhodonite). 

The willemite is dispersed within the glaucochroite, making it appear fluorescent green in SW UV.

The calcite FL somewhat better than the picture shows, making this a 2-color FL piece.

The material was field collected on the Buckwheat some years ago.  Glaucochroite is a rare mineral.

Size:  max. dimensions approx. 50 x 28 x 6mm
Wt. approx. 22 grams

#CT1125 ... $43.00

Fluorescent minerals require a special lamp to view the colors you see in the photos. Most of the specimens shown above react to short-wave ultraviolet (SW UV or "UV-C"), which has a wavelength of 254 nanometers.



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