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- Moh's hardness kit
- Mineral ID Kit 1.1

Moh's Scale of Hardness Kit

The Moh scale is not a regular, linear progression. Some of the minerals are quite close to each other in hardness, while others are farther apart. However, Moh's Hardness is an extremely useful measure when trying to identify a mineral.

If your unknown mineral can scratch fluorite but not apatite, for example, then you know it has a hardness of 4.0 or 4.5.  If fluorite cannot scratch the mineral at all, you would narrow this to 4.5.  

To see if a successful scratch was made, first clean away any dust or powder that might have formed. It often helps to examine the specimen with a hand lens or a magnifying glass.

This mineral hardness collection has nine specimens, from talc (hardness 1) through corundum (hardness 9).


Mineral Identification Kit 1.1

Description:  This kit includes glassware and a number of other items that are useful for mineral testing.  Some of them are also useful for field testing.  Kit saves you time in assembling components!  

Manual includes detailed information, including some basic experiments and ideas on where to get reagents.

Some items may undergo design changes or changes in availablility, but usually these will be slight (e.g., amber glass bottles instead of clear).  The kit will include items as similar as possible to the ones shown.

Kit includes: 
• 3X magnifier x 1
• Porcelain spot plate x 1   (back doubles as a streak plate)
• Dropper x 2
• Dropper bottle x 2
• Sample vial x 2
• 10 mL micro beaker x 1
• 10 mL micro flask x 1
• Steel spatula x 1
• Blowpipe x 1
• Glass stir rod w/ rubber policeman x 1
• Filter paper disc x 10   (for spot tests)
• Manual x 1

This is real glassware (Caution: Fragile), not plastic.  Chemical reagents not included.  Some are commonly-available;  manual gives some information on finding others.

#C1998 ... $24.95




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