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Cabbing Rough and Slabs

Agate, Jasper, & Miscellaneous

Many of the names are varietal and do not indicate the actual mineralogical composition of the material.

Looking for Ready-Made Cabochons? - Please see our Cabs section

Lapidary slabs are typically photographed wet, because the rough surface does not otherwise show the colors well.  The wet appearance simulates what it will look like with a good polish.  When you receive your slabs, they will not resemble the photos unless you either wet the slabs, or polish them with lapidary machines. 

Some people, however, decide to clear-coat their slabs to keep them looking wet or polished all the time.  (Slabs for sale here are not clear-coated, unless otherwise stated.)

Assortment L576 slabs

Click for larger

Red Agate (Mexico) x 1
Wonderstone (locality unknown) x 1
Rhodonite (Colorado) x 1
Azurite with Malachite (Tsumeb, Namibia) x 1

The azurite / malachite slab should yield beautiful blue & green cabs, but you'll probably want to stabilize it with clear epoxy.

You should be able to get at least 1 good cab out of each slab, probably more (depending on size).

Slabs are shown WET.

#L576 ... $19.95

Assortment L578 slabs

Click for larger

Blue Quartz (Brazil) x 1
Imperial Jasper (Mexico) x 1
Rhodonite (Colorado) x 1
Picture Jasper (Western USA) x 2

A five-piece assortment of high quality old-stock material. 

The rhodonite has a couple of fissures in it (see picture);  these may or may not hold together.  However, that leaves at least one large area and two smaller areas which should yield multiple cabochons.

The picture jasper appears to be Biggs, Owyhee, or a similar type.  These are better-than-usual quality slabs.

The Imperial jasper is a burgundy-red variety showing good striation or layering effect.

The largest slab measures over 6 1/2" x 4 1/4".  Smallest slab measures about 1 7/8" x 2 3/4".

Pieces were photographed WET.
Lot includes all five slabs (tray not included).

#L578 ... $29.95
Ship wt. 3 lbs.

Assortment L579 slabs

Click for larger

Click for larger

Biggs or Owyhee picture jasper x 1
Blue Lace Agate x 1
Original Big Diggins Agate x 1
Porcelain Jasper (?) x 1

This four-piece assortment is high-quality, old-stock material.  The picture jasper has especially nice patterning across nearly the entire piece. 

The Big Diggings agate (also known as Deming Agate because it's from Deming, NM) is original / old-stock from many years ago.

Slabs are shown WET.  Includes all four slabs (tray not included).

#L579 .... $29.95
Ship wt. 1.8 lbs.

Assortment L582 Rough & Slabs

Click for larger

Here's an assortment that contains
- two pieces of Mozarkite rough (top center of photo)
- Mahogany Obsidian slab (bottom left)
- two Mozarkite slabs (bottom right)
- Tiger Eye rough (1 pc)
- Wonderstone / Rhyolite rough and slab pieces
- Blue Lace Agate slab (1 pc)
- Agate nodules / rough (top left) (2 pcs)

For size reference, Mozarkite slabs are about 2 5/8" x 2 7/8" x 5/16".
Blue Lace Agate slab is about 2 1/4" x 1 3/8" x 1/4".

#L582 .... $20.00
Ship wt. 6 lbs.

Brazil Agate slab

L560. Brazil agate slab, unpolished

Brazilian Agate- Slab, unpolished.  For cabbing, or for polishing and keeping as a display piece.  This slab is the natural color (unlike many Brazil agates, which are dyed). 

Slab was photographed WET to simulate what it will look like when polished.

Thickness is 3/8 inch (+).  Slab size approx. 4" x 7".

Ship wt. 1 lb.

#L560 ... $5.00

Jupiter Stone + Stone Canyon Jasper slabs

Click for larger

The Jupiter Stone (rhyolite) is from Chihuahua, Mexico.  The Stone Canyon Jasper is from California.

Slab size is about 8 to 8 1/4 inches maximum dimension.  The slabs are each approximately 1/4 thick.

Each slab has a couple voids here and there, but mostly it's good, solid material.   You should be able to cut several good cabs from each one. 

Ship. wt. 2 lbs.

Slabs are shown wet. Includes both slabs (tray not included).

#L577 ... $15.00

Nephrite Jade (Washington Jade) slabs

Click for larger

Click for larger

Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington, USA.  Light teal-green, marbled with white, tan, black, and gray. 

Lot includes both slabs (tray not included).  Slabs were photographed WET.

Sizes:  Larger slab (top photo) about 4" x 2".  Smaller slab about 3" x 2".  Each slab about 3/8" thick.

Weight:  Combined weight of slabs is about 7 ounces.


Nephrite Jade (Washington Jade) slabs

Click for larger

Click for larger

Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington, USA.  Light teal-green, marbled with white, tan, black, and gray. 

Lot consists of two slabs; as with most other lots for sale here, the different photos show alternate angles or views of the same item(s).  Slabs were photographed WET. 

Sizes:  Larger slab about 5.5" x 3.5".  Smaller slab is approx. 5" x 2 3/4".  Each slab about 3/8" thick.


Parrot Wing

Click for larger

Click for larger

Mexico.  Two pieces with a glossy polish on the top surface.  This material is sometimes called "Parrot Wing Jasper" or "Parrot Wing Chrysocolla", although it is probably more chrysocolla than jasper.  These old-stock pieces have likely been stabilized;  this is very common practice for chrysocolla and other relatively soft copper minerals. 

This colorful material should make good cabs;  or, display these polished pieces as they are.


Piece 1 (Left):   About 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"
Piece 2 (Right):  About 2 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 3/4

Original price stickers are still on them (total $48.00). 

You get both pieces for one low price.
#L580 .... $26.00

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