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Electricity:  Light Bulbs & Bases

Miniature incandescent light bulbs and receptacles.   For experiments in electricity and electrolysis. 

These tiny light bulbs are sometimes known as "indicator lamps";  the E10 size was used in various appliances and automotive applications from the mid-Twentieth Century.  (Old-style flashlights in particular seemed to favor the E10 size.)

For other electrical items, please see Electricity.
For electrodes, please see the Electrodes page.

Light Bulb, Miniature, 3.8 Volts

#46 / Edison E10 size
Imported (New)

These 3.8 volt bulbs work well at 3 volts DC, as provided by two flashlight batteries in series.  (See Electricity for battery holders.) 

The photo was taken with about 2.5 volts DC applied.

Base size / thread:  Edison E10
Quantity:  Pack of 10 bulbs ea.
Type:  Incandescent
Voltage:  3.8V
Wattage:  0.75W at 3V

#C46-038 .... $3.49 / pack


Light Bulb, Miniature, 6.2 Volts

#46 / Edison E10 size
Imported (New)

Use the 6.2-volt bulbs when brighter light is desired.

These 6.2-volt bulbs work with three or four 1.5-volt batteries in series, for a working voltage of 4.5 to 6 volts DC.  (Please see Electricity for battery holders.)

Base size / thread:  Edison E10
Quantity:  Pack of 10 bulbs ea.
Type:  Incandescent
Voltage:  6.2V
Wattage:  1.5W at 6V

#C46-062 .... $3.95 / pack


Light Bulb, Miniature, 6.3 Volts, USA

#46 / Edison E10 size
NOS / Vintage, made in USA

New old stock miniature lamps, made in USA.  Mid-20th Century.  Brass screw-thread base. (Receptacle sold separately.)  Use them for experiments, vintage radio dial lights, old arcade machines, &c.

You might find these for a much higher price elsewhere. Our price: $1.95 each, while supplies last.   

Protect from overvoltage, and a bulb will last a long time. 
Limit the inrush current, and a bulb will last indefinitely.   Hint:  use a laboratory DC power supply and dial the voltage up slowly (because I = V/R).

Base size / thread:  Edison E10
Current draw:  0.25A (250 mA)
Quantity:  1 bulb each
Voltage:  6.3 volts (maximum 8 volts)
Wattage:  1.5W at 6V

#C46NOS ... $1.95 each
Limit 5 pcs per customer.


Light Bulb Receptacle / Socket / Base, Porcelain.  Edison E10 size.  Fits #46 / E10 miniature bulbs. 

Imported, but good quality;  these are porcelain, not plastic.

Current rating is unknown;  to be safe, keep currents less than 1 ampere at no more than 24 volts. 

With standard #46 bulbs you should not need a resistor in series;  the bulbs will self-limit, or simply burn out if you run them at too high a voltage.  (Do not use these for HV experiments.......)

#C1212 ... $2.99 ea.


CAUTION:  Be sure to wear safety goggles during all experiments. 
Electrically-shorted batteries may cause fire and/or permanent injury.  Exercise appropriate care.
Do not subject bulbs, wires, or receptacles to voltages higher than recommended;  fire may occur.


Electrolysis Apparatus

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Electrochemical series (Order of reactivity).

Higher in list = higher reactivity and more negative reduction potential.

    Al - Aluminum
    Zn - Zinc
    Fe - Iron
    Ni - Nickel
    Sn - Tin
    Cu - Copper

Notice that carbon doesn't really fit on this list when we're talking about aqueous electrochemistry (in other words, the typical electrolysis cell). 

Carbon, unlike the metals, does not actually go into solution as ions, nor can it be "plated out" from solution.  Instead it erodes away as fine particles of solid carbon that settle to the bottom.