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Stereo Inspection microscopes

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CR Scientific

Microminerals and Micromounts: A thru L- generally require magnification. Matrix is usually TN (thumbnail) or smaller. 

For microminerals M thru Z, click here

For an explanation of abbreviations used, please see our guide to mineral sizes.

Ducktown, Tennessee

Coarse blades of pale green to brownish-green actinolite.  Puttied in a paper box.


Click for larger image

Assorted Micros
Franklin, NJ

This material appears to be from one particular rock;  it hosts a number of different minerals.  Appears to contain actinolite, hematite, calcite, and a number of other unidentified minerals.

This is one of the better examples of micro material collected from this locality;  it seems to be one of the more uncommon matrix types, possibly from the transitional zone between the ore and the Buckwheat dolomite.  It definitely looks like something from along the edges of the orebody.  There are minor amounts of calcite that fluoresces the typical red-orange color in SW UV. 

The material has numerous vugs that contain micro crystals of a couple different species.  You figure out what they are.  Plenty of study with a stereo inspection microscope;  probably quite a number of good, mountable micro specimens to be had from this material.

Largest piece is about 4 inches across.  Sold as one lot.

Ship. wt. 3 lbs.


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Assorted Micros
Nine Mile and Stettin Plutons, Wausau Complex, Marathon Co., WI

An assortment of pegmatite pieces which may host a number of minerals such as clinochlore, zircon, anatase, cheralite, monazite, bastnaesite, and others.  The Wausau Complex is a group of alkali granite and syenite localities that produce, in total, well over 100 mineral species.

Unmounted;  lot consists of items shown in the photo.  Pieces are about 1" to 2" across.


Kelly Mine
Magdalena, NM

Blue, lustrous micro xtls in limonitic matrix. With minor malachite, etc. Best at 20x or higher. Unmounted.

Photo shows a representative specimen but not the exact one you are buying. We have several of these.



Cerussite var. "Chrome Cerussite"
Adelaide Mine
Dundas, Tasmania

Yellow xtls in limonitic matrix. No mag. required, but nice at 10x.

Matrix size approx. 2" (~ 5 cm) max.  Crystals are typically ~ 1/16" across.

"Chrome cerussite" is yellow for a reason other than Cr.  See


Chalcocite & Calcite
Watchung Mountains, New Jersey

There is also an unidentified, yellowish-tan mineral. 

Specimen puttied in a white paper "micro" box.


Chrysocolla, "stalactitic" form - Morenci, AZ.  Unusual form.  Puttied in a small paper box.


Gold Hill Mine, Toole County, Utah.

Green botryoidal conichalcite on matrix, puttied in a Perky box with printed label.


Copper & Epidote - Copper Harbor, Michigan.  Puttied in a small paper box. 

#M294 ... $2.50

Diopside on Calcite - Franklin, NJ.   One or two euhedral diopside micro xtls (translucent, green) amid several subhedral ones.    A very small piece of matrix, typical of micromount size but Unmounted.


Sandamab Quarry
Karibib, Namibia

Greenish-black crystlas of this rare mineral.    Small piece of matrix with giniite and another mineral.  Puttied in the lid of a plastic box.

#M244 ... $6.00

Nine Mile Pluton,
Wausau Complex
Marathon County, Wisconsin

Shiny black micro xtls and massive goethite on matrix.  Puttied in a micromount box lid which has been painted black to reduce glare.   The box (unpainted) functions as the "lid".


hauyne specimen for sale

Hauyne - Niedermendig, Eifel, Germany.  Sky blue anhedral xtln. grains in matrix.

Hauyne, like sodalite, doesn't usually form well-defined xtls; it appears as vitreous blobs.  Photo shows a representative specimen but not the exact one you are buying.  We have a couple of these available.



on calcite.  Buckwheat Pit, Franklin, NJ.   A tiny cluster of botryoidal hematite, surrounded by a ring of hematite having a radial appearance.  Matrix is tiny, typical of a micromount, but is Unmounted.

#M299 ... $1.50

Hematite, Magnetite / Franklinite, & Calcite.  Buckwheat Mine, Franklin, NJ.  Small crystals (with parting) in calcite on top of some massive magnetite-hematite-franklinite ore.  A couple of small, complete xtls and several partials.  Some have a multicolored iridescent coating (copper secondaries, perhaps), and also a whitish secondary coating that could be smithsonite.

Magnetite and franklinite can occur exsolved within one another, as they may be in this specimen.

TN size specimen, puttied in a Jousi- or Finn-style Euro box (nice label on underside).


Hematite, Magnetite / Franklinite, & Calcite.  Buckwheat Mine, Franklin, NJ.  This assemblage, like M300, would have been mined from the Buckwheat Pit mine.

Mostly massive, metallic-gray hematite;  there is one nice, complex micro xtl on this specimen (along right-hand edge;  30x recommended).  Lg. TN size matrix.  Puttied in white paper box with a nice label.


Kinoite with Apophyllite, Ruizite, and Gilalite
Christmas Mine
Gila County, AZ

Rich blue kinoite on matrix, with minor amounts of gilalite (green) and ruizite (reddish-tan).  Puttied in a Finn-style micromineral box.  The kinoite micro xtls are numerous on this one.


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