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Stereo Inspection microscopes

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Microminerals and Micromounts: A thru L- generally require magnification. Matrix is usually TN (thumbnail) or smaller. 

For microminerals M thru Z, click here

For an explanation of abbreviations used, please see our guide to mineral sizes.

Actinolite - Ducktown, Tennessee.  Coarse blades of pale green to brownish-green actinolite.  Puttied in a paper box.
#M292 ... $2.50

Azurite - Kelly Mine, Magdalena, NM. Blue, lustrous micro xtls in limonitic matrix. With minor malachite, etc. Best at 20x or higher. Unmounted.
Photo shows a representative specimen but not the exact one you are buying. We have several of these.
#M278 ... $3.50

Cerussite var. "Chrome Cerussite". Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania. Yellow xtls in limonitic matrix. No mag. required, but nice at 10x.
Matrix size approx. 2" (~ 5 cm) max.  Crystals are typically ~ 1/16" across.
"Chrome cerussite" is yellow for some reason other than Cr.  See

#CR278 ... $25.00

Chalcocite, Calcite, and an unidentified dull yellowish-tan mineral - Watchung Mountains, New Jersey.  Someone out there probably knows what that third mineral is;  we haven't had time to do the research.
Specimen puttied in a white paper "micro" box.

#M297 ... $2.50

Chrysocolla, "stalactitic" form - Morenci, AZ.  Puttied in a small paper box.
#M290 ... $3.00

Gold Hill Mine, Toole County, Utah.

Green botryoidal conichalcite on matrix, puttied in a Perky box with printed label.
#MM137b ... $7.95

Copper & Epidote - Copper Harbor, Michigan.  Puttied in a small paper box. 
#M294 ... $2.50

Diopside on Calcite - Franklin, NJ.   One or two euhedral diopside micro xtls (translucent, green) amid several subhedral ones.    A very small piece of matrix, typical of micromount size but Unmounted.
#M302 ... $1.50

Giniite - greenish-black xtls.  Rare.  Sandamab Quarry, Usakos, Karibib, Namibia.  Small piece of matrix with giniite and another mineral.  Puttied in the lid of a plastic box.
#M244 ... $6.00

Nine Mile Pluton,
Wausau Complex
Marathon County, Wisconsin

Shiny black micro xtls and massive goethite on matrix.  Puttied in a micromount box lid which has been painted black to reduce glare.

#M210 ... $4.00

hauyne specimen for sale

Hauyne - Niedermendig, Eifel, Germany.  Sky blue anhedral xtln. grains in matrix.

Hauyne, like sodalite, doesn't usually form well-defined xtls; it appears as vitreous blobs.

Photo shows a representative specimen
but not the exact one you are buying. We have a couple of these available.



on calcite.  Buckwheat Pit, Franklin, NJ.   A tiny cluster of botryoidal hematite, surrounded by a ring of hematite having a radial appearance.  Matrix is tiny, typical of a micromount, but is Unmounted.

#M299 ... $1.50

Hematite, Magnetite / Franklinite, & Calcite.  Buckwheat Mine, Franklin, NJ.  Small crystals (with parting) in calcite on top of some massive magnetite-hematite-franklinite ore.  A couple of small, complete xtls and several partials.  Some have a multicolored iridescent coating (copper secondaries, perhaps), and also a whitish secondary coating that could be smithsonite.
Complicating identifications in this assemblage is the fact that magnetite and franklinite can occur exsolved within one another;  likewise hematite.
TN size specimen, puttied in a Jousi-style Euro box (nice label on underside).

#M300 ... $8.00

Hematite, Magnetite / Franklinite, & Calcite.  Buckwheat Mine, Franklin, NJ.  This assemblage, like M300, would have been mined from the Buckwheat Pit mine.

Mostly massive, metallic-gray hematite;  there is one nice, complex micro xtl on this specimen (along right-hand edge;  30x recommended).  Lg. TN size matrix.  Puttied in white paper box with a nice label.

#M301 ... $4.50

Kinoite with Apophyllite, Ruizite, and Gilalite
Christmas Mine
Gila County, AZ

Rich blue kinoite on matrix, with minor amounts of gilalite (green) and ruizite (reddish-tan).  Puttied in a Finn-style micromineral box.  The kinoite micro xtls are numerous on this one.

#M219 ... $7.00

Important: a note about mineral identifications


Microminerals and Micromounts, M thru Z

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Minerals: Various, M thru Z

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