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Micro-minerals and micromounts: M thru Z- generally require magnification. Matrix is usually TN (thumbnail) or smaller.

For an explanation of abbreviations used, please see our guide to mineral sizes.

Makatite - Aris Quarry, Rehoboth, Namibia.  Rare.  White acicular xtls on matrix.  Associations (may) include aegrine, albite, villiaumite, tuperssuatsiaite. 
#M289 ... $7.00

Monazite-(Ce) or Monazite-(La) with Pyrite, etc. - Siglo Veinte Mine, Llallagua, Bolivia.  Matrix size is about 1 3/8" across max. dimension.  Micro xtls of monazite are translucent, pink in incandescent light or sunlight and colorless in fluorescent light.  This color change seems to be associated with Ce / La minerals.
#M295 ... $7.00

Pyrite on dolomite.  Franklin, New Jersey.  A couple of pyritohedrons on either side of a small piece of Buckwheat dolomite.  One crystal, a textbook example, is isolated.  The other is part of a small cluster.  Visible at 10x or higher mag.  Unmounted.
#M298 ... $2.00

Rutile - Franklin, New Jersey.   This locality yields very tiny rutile xtls, often requiring 30x or higher.   This specimen represents the best of what is typically found, with most other ones having less rutile than this.
Puttied in a plastic "micro" box with label.
#M296 ... $7.00  Sale $4.99

- blocky xtls.  Wausau Complex, Marathon County, Wisconsin.  Not actually "micro" xtls, these can be viewed without any magnification.  There are also micro quartz xtls and possibly one or two other minerals.

The altered granites of the Wausau Complex are home to numerous mineral species, including rare-earths such as monazite and cheralite.

Overall specimen size is 1 7/8" across max. dimension.
#M288 ... $4.99 Sale $2.99

Wulfenite with Barite.  Xichang, China.   Modified-tetrahedral wulfenite xtls with clear to white blades of barite.  Matrix is only about 6mm across max. dimension.
This is a classic-style "micromount" with the specimen on a black pedestal in a blackened micro box with fitted lid.  

#M217... SOLD

Important: a note about mineral identifications


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