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Q:  I'm looking for something more in the beginner or department store price range, because I don't know if my son/daughter will hold interest in it.  What should I buy?

A:  Please contact us.

Q:  What microscope should I buy?  I have so many questions!

A:  Don't hesitate to contact us;  we'll gladly help you through your decision and discuss the available choices within your budget.

CR Scientific

Having all the basic features from their predecessors (the Observer 3 and 4 series), the Student Advanced 3 and 4 microscopes provide great value and durability for the middle school through high school educational setting.  

The Student Advanced 4 with optional Mechanical Stage makes a great economy model for the college level, as well.

For professional lab and medical microscopes, please have a look at the Revelation III series, the M2 Labscope, or the great new I4 Labscope.

SAF3 Microscope
• 40x / 100x / 400x magnification
• Parcentered & parfocal
• Multi-coated DIN achromat optics
• Rotating headpiece
• Sturdy construction
• Iris diaphragm
• Abbe condenser & Iris diaphragm
(NA 1.25)
• Built-in fluorescent lighting
• Adjustable stage stop
• Fine & coarse Coaxial focus
• Filter holder
• Lifetime manuf. warranty
(excludes bulbs and fuses)
• Can accept mechanical stage
     (available separately)

Student Advanced 4 includes all features of the SA3 plus a 100x oil immersion objective (for 1000x total magnification).
Student Advanced 3 compound microscope, shown w/ optional mechanical stage
Shown:  SA3 w/ optional Mechanical Stage

Student Advanced now includes Coaxial focus (not shown) as standard feature.

The "Student" series are light-transmittance (biological) microscopes. If you're looking for a 'scope to view minerals, fossils, stamps, or similar items, please have a look at the Paragon and Achiever stereo inspection microscopes.

Student Advanced 3................$220

Monocular.  Has 4, 10, and 40x objectives, for total magnification of 40, 100, and 400 power. 


Student Advanced 4......................$249

Monocular.  Has 4, 10, 40, and 100x obj. for total mag. of 40, 100, 400, and 1000 power. 


Student Advanced 4 LED Cordless....................................$299

Monocular.  4 objectives.  White LED illumination.  Cordless, rechargeable.


Mechanical Stage
for the SA3 / SA4.................$50
If you've spent any amount of time trying to locate points of interest on your slides using only stage clips and your fingers, you'll already know how much you need a mechanical stage. The difference is amazing.  It makes a microscope much more convenient for everyday use.

If ordering with a microscope, please specify in order comments if you want it pre-installed on the 'scope.


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