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Important:  Fluorescent minerals require a special ultraviolet lamp to view them (normally, a short-wave UV lamp).  It's worth it to get a good lamp.

The color response of your computer's monitor may not be the best representation of the photographs. The colors shown in the photos, at least as they appear on our office monitor, are the most accurate representations we were able to capture with the limitations of the camera.

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Calcite - Franklin, NJ (#F630)

Calcite - Franklin, NJ.  

Calcite:  FL bright red-orange SW

Matrix is a non-fl pyroxene mineral, either manganoan diopside or aegirine-augite.  Some of the calcite exists as "polka dots" within the NF matrix;  rocks from F/SH having this type of FL response are sometimes called "polka dot ore", though this assemblage is not really ore.  There are only small amts. of willemite (fl grn. SW) in this one.

Specimen size approx. 3 3/8 x 2 3/8" x 2"

Weight approx. 14.5 oz.


Scapolite - Sparta, NJ (#F617)

Scapolite - Lime Crest Quarry, Sparta, NJ.  
A pale, subtle FL that requires a very powerful SW lamp such as a Superbright.  This interesting material was found many years ago in the lower levels of the quarry.

Specimen size approx. 2 1/4" x 2" x 1 3/4"

Weight approx. 9 oz.

F617 ... $14

Sphalerite ("Cleiophane") & Willemite - Franklin, NJ (#F632)

Sphalerite var. "Cleiophane" - Franklin, NJ.  

Sphalerite var. "Cleiophane" (fl. blue, orange SW/MW/LW) with Willemite (fl green SW) in a matrix of franklinite (NF).

Display face is about 4" x 1 3/8", forming the long side of an approximately triangular piece (other dimension is about 2 1/2").

F632 ... $28

Willemite - Franklin, NJ (#F614)

Willemite - Franklin, NJ.   This is one of the more unusual varieties of willemite, having a purplish hue in daylight ("grape willemite"). 
The NF matrix consists mainly of compact andradite garnet.

Specimen size approx. 4" x 2" x 2"

Weight approx. 1 lb 8 oz.

F614 ... $35

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Fluorescent minerals require a special lamp to view the colors you see in the photos.  Most of the specimens shown above react to short-wave ultraviolet (SW UV or "UV-C"), which has a wavelength of 254 nanometers.



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