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CR Scientific

Various minerals (M thru Z)- this section is now for TN thru CAB size. (To see Various A thru L - click here.  For even more display minerals, click here.)

The MM and MT size minerals are on their own page.

For an explanation of abbreviations used, please see our guide to mineral sizes.


Mina Noche Buena
Mun. de Mazapil
Zacatecas, Mexico

Bad Grund
Steinbruch Winterberg
Harz Mountains
Lower Saxony, Germany

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Schorl Tourmaline
Fairfield Co., CT

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Fujian Province


Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Mibladen, Morocco

CR182. Willemite - ArizonaCR182 shown in SW UV

Red Cloud Mine
Trigo Mtns.
Yuma Co., Arizona

(This part of Yuma Co. is now La Paz Co.)

A miniature specimen of fluorescent willemite micro xtls on matrix, with some micro wulfenites. An older David Shannon label indicates it was collected in February, 1976 at the 120-foot level.

Specimen has a lot to see with magnification.

#CR182 ... $15.00

Minerals, A thru L

Minerals:  Teaching, Reference, & Assortments

Minerals:  Daylight Minerals of Franklin & Sterling Hill

The MM and MT size minerals are on their own page.

The MM / MT size minerals are on their own page.

Minerals, A thru L

Microminerals and Micromounts, A thru L
Microminerals and Micromounts, M thru Z
Minerals: Teaching, Reference, & Assortments
Minerals: Various, A-L
More Minerals (Various / Display)

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