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Mineral Sets, Assortments, &

Reference Specimens

Mineral Sets - these more or less materialize from whatever loose specimens happen to be sitting around in boxes at the moment (if any). What appears on this page is what we have available at the moment. If there's something you're looking for, though, give us a call (# is at top of most pages on this site) or send an email.

Reference Specimens:  these are lower-priced individual specimens that are good for teaching and/or learning geology and mineralogy.  They are also good for collectors who are just starting out.

For an explanation of abbreviations used, please see our guide to mineral sizes.

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10-piece Short-Wave Fluorescent Minerals,
Miniature or large-TN size, all from Franklin & Ogdensburg, NJ.
A quality mini-collection containing ten short-wave fluorescent  specimens.  This one has a couple of rarities.

1.)  Microcline (fl. pale blue-gray SW) w/ Calcite (fl red-ora. SW) - Franklin, NJ.   Also contains a couple of NF minerals including andradite (honey-brown in daylight).

2.) Hyalophane (fl. magenta SW) w/ Willemite (fl. green SW) with dark plates of Hendricksite (mica, NF) -  Franklin

3.) Sphalerite var "Cleiophane" (fl. orange, blue SW, MW, LW, PH) w/ Calcite (fl. red-ora. SW) - Franklin, NJ

4.) Cuspidine (tiny specks) (fl. yel-orange SW) with spots of Hardystonite (fl. blue-violet SW) in Calcite (fl red-orange SW) - Franklin, NJ.  Rare.

5.) Hydrozincite (fl. blue-white SW) with non-typical fl. Calcite (fl. yellowish SW) - Sterling Hill, Ogdensburg, NJ.  This is an unusual secondary calcite from the old Passaic Pit area.

6.) Calcite (fl. red SW) & Willemite (fl. green SW) in a Franklinite (non-fl) matrix.  - Franklin, NJ

7.)  Hardystonite (fl. blue-violet SW) w/ some Willemite (fl. green SW) - Franklin, NJ.

8.)  Calcite & Willemite var. "Polka Dot Ore" - fl. red-orange SW spots in a non-fl matrix of pyroxene - Franklin, NJ.  Technically this wasn't really an ore rock, because there's not much willemite, no zincite, and no franklinite. 

9.)  Hyalophane (fl dull magenta SW) with Willemite (fl green SW) - a more shiny, semi-translucent variety of hyalophane with andradite garnet (NF).  Franklin, NJ.

10.)  Xonotlite (fl indigo-violet SW) on Hyalophane or Celsian (very weakly fl or NF) - Parker Shaft, Franklin, NJ.  Rare.

This is a unique set;  no other set will contain exactly these pieces, and probably not even the same assortment of mineral types. 

You will receive the actual set pictured. 

Please note that this set requires a short-wave (SW) lamp (not included) to see the colors.  Only one or two of the specimens will fluoresce in long-wave (LW).

Specimen sizes range from about 1 3/4 to 2 1/4 inches across max. dimension.

#SET11 ... SOLD

7-piece Short-Wave Fluorescent Minerals,
Small Cabinet size,
Various Localities

Click for larger image  F512. Click for larger image  F513. Click for larger image  F511.  Click for larger image        F510. Click for larger image  F413. click for larger  F318.  Click for larger image  F390.  Click for larger image        

Another nice assortment, this one composed of small cabinet pieces from various localities.

This is an assortment compiled from several individually-numbered specimens out of our inventory.
F318.  Clinohedrite, Willemite, and Calcite in a dense matrix of  Andradite / Franklinite.  Franklin, NJ.
F390.  Fluorite (fl. cream-white LW / bluish-white SW) with Celestite (nf) - Clay Center, Ohio.
F413.  Scheelite (fl. blue-white SW) with minor Hyalite (fl. green SW) - Princess Pat Mine, Calif.
F510.  Tremolite (fl. orange SW) with Talc (fl. blue SW) - Balmat, NY.
F511.  Diopside (fl. blue-white SW) with minor Norbergite (fl. yellow SW) - Franklin area, NJ.
F512.  Calcite (fl. red SW) with minor Svabite (fl. orange SW) - Langban, Sweden.
F513.  Willemite (fl. green SW) with Calcite (fl. red-orange SW).  Franklin, NJ.

Labels are included.  Each specimen has an affixed number.
Sizes range from about 2 1/4 to about 4 1/4 inches across max. dimension. 

Ship wt. 5 lbs.

#SET10 ... SOLD

Andradite garnet with Rhodonite - Franklin, New Jersey.

Golden tan andradite with pink rhodonite.  
Ship. wt. 1 lb.
Size:  approx. 2 3/4" x 2" x 1 1/2"
#CR302 ... $8.00

Assortment - 3-piece California Minerals

Clockwise, left to right:
   1. Actinolite - San Bernardino Co., CA
   2. Blue Calcite - Crestmore Quarry, Riverside, CA
   3. Rose Quartz - Greenhorn Mtns., Kern Co., CA
The blue calcite is a bit more pale than it looks in the photo, but it has a definite blue cast to it.

Specimens are about 4 inches across max. dimension.
Ship. wt. 3.3 lbs.

#CR290 ... $18.00

Collection - antique printer's tray with 96 compartments, lined with red felt, nice finish.  Elegant.

This is a unique set assembled over the course of years, some by field-collecting.  There are some specimens from classic, closed localities here.  This is not a "pre-fab" set.
#CR287 ... $275.00

Like all our mineral sets, this one is not for young children (choking hazard). Also, set contains orpiment and chrysotile. Adult supervision required. Buyer assumes full responsibility.
Set ships in custom cardboard shipping box that took about 2 hours to make.  14-day refund / return privilege (set must arrive back to us fully intact and in suitable packaging!)  We don't think you'll be disappointed with this.  Item ships Ground only.

Beryl crystal - Mitchell Co., NC
Quartz - excellent specimen from Hiddenite, NC
Azurite xtls in dolomite - Altenmittlau, Germany
Vanadinite - Tiger, AZ
Dioptase - Tsumeb, Namibia
Charoite (polished) - Yakutiya, Russia
Apophyllite - Cornwall Mine, Lebanon Co., PA
Chalcocite, Chrysocolla - Watchung Mtns., NJ (closed locality)
Tourmaline & Muscovite - Black Mtn. Mine, ME
Fossil shark tooth - Big Brook, NJ (pretty sure)
Chrysocolla - Watchung Mtns., NJ
Spinel w/ Chondrodite - Amity, NY
Apophyllite - Millington Quarry, NJ
Bustamite w/ green Willemite - Franklin, NJ
Amethyst - Brazil
Pharmacosiderite - Richmond Sitting Bull Mine, SD
Triplite - El Criollo Mine, Cerro Blanco Pegmatite District, Argentina
Cuprite - Arizona
Orpiment - Nevada
Prehnite - Paterson, NJ
Magnesioriebeckite - Franklin, NJ

And more!

Please note that most of the specimens have labels, but a few don't.  There are a few specimens in this collection where the locality was unknown, but most can be attributed

Fossiliferous Sandstone - Brachiopods (mixed moulds and casts) stained with "Limonite" and Hematite - Pennsylvania. Matrix is a compact, gray, Ordovician or possibly Silurian sandstone. Fossils are not our specialty, so it's up to you to figure out what types of brachiopod are here (if we had to make a wild guess, Sowerbyella and/or Dalmanella). These are nice to look at with low magnification (no more than 5x).

Click for larger imageClick for larger image
Piece #1......Display face approx. 4.5 x 5 inches. Ship. wt. 2.5 lb.
#CR264 ... SOLD

Click for larger image Click for larger image
Piece #2..... Face approx. 3 x 5 inches. Ship. wt. 1.8 lb.
#CR265 ... $7.50

Click for larger image Click for larger image
Piece #3... Face approx. 2.5 x 5 inches. Ship. wt. 1 lb.
#CR266 ... $6.50

Hematite, Calcite, Dolomite, & Magnetite / Franklinite.

Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, New Jersey.  Reference specimens, mostly massive or subh. xtln.  These hematites came from the contact between ore & dolomite rock at Franklin.

We have two or three of these available.   Photo is representative only.

Price per ea. 

That is, you will receive one specimen  (our choice) for each one you add to your shopping cart.

#CR304 ... $1.99 ea.


Microcline variety Amazonite.

Amazonite chunk

Reference or display specimen showing good aqua-blue color on front, somewhat paler color on sides. Size approx. 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1 1/2". Ship wt. 0.5 lb.

#L557 ... $5.00

Moh's Hardness Set without Diamond.

click for larger image
9-pc. set, Hardness 1 (talc) through 9 (corundum). Picture shows representative set; we have multiples of this item.
#C2357... $15.99


Tephroite with Calcite & Franklinite.  Buckwheat D., Franklin, NJ.  Massive brown tephroite.  Looks virtually identical to willemite, except that it's non-fluorescent.   Specimen puttied in a paper box.  TN size.
#CR305 ... $2.75

Click for larger
Tourmaline - this is black tourmaline, probably schorl, although dravite is also found at this locality.  A partial xtl showing striations, and some flakes of mica adhering to the xtl.
Locality:  Connecticut, USA.   Detailed listing here.

Zeolite on Basalt - Watchung Mtns., NJ.  This is a good illustration of how the zeolites occur:  in the spaces where rounded basalt "pillows" come together.  It also shows the zone of mild alteration going into the basalt.  Zeolite may be thomsonite-(Ca) but not positive.
Overall size approx. 3 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches.  Ship. wt. 1.2 lb.
#CR308 ... $6.00

Most of the MM and MT size minerals are on their own page.
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