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Miscellaneous Cabochons & related items

Various rocks, minerals, and semi-precious stones cut and polished into cabochons. Some pieces are free-form and suitable for wire-wrap jewelry or simply for collecting; others (where indicated) are standard sizes for mounting in various jewelry findings.

What you see is what you get-- item in picture is same one that's for sale. Each cabochon or piece of jewelry is a unique item.

Picture jasper belt buckle.  Click for larger image.
Belt Buckle, Picture Jasper cab set in Western-style silver-tone buckle. The cab is a 30x40 mm oval. High gloss polish. We do not know what kind of jasper this is called, but it resembles Owyhee jasper. A very distinctive and very Western look. Buckle face is about 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall. Should accommodate up to a 2" wide belt. Ship. wt. 0.4 lb.

#CT1109 ... $18.00

Click for larger image
Cabochon Assortment #2 - includes many cabs and a few other stones of various types (see photo). Some inlaid stones, a few cubic zirconia, and a few quartz rods. Several nice cabs of Tiger Eye. There are also a few intaglio-carved flat cabs and even a chain of some kind that came with the lot (possibly silver).
The cubic zirconias will be shipped loose in a plastic bag; the containers in which they're displayed in the photo have no lids and therefore can't be used to ship them.
This is a good assortment of for someone getting into jewelry making. The value of the individual pieces will add up to considerably more than what we're charging for the whole pile. For reference, the larger red jasper cabs are 30x22 mm. The larger tigereye ovals are 40x30 mm.

Ship. wt. 2 lbs.

Cabochon Assortment #3 - This has some premium cabs in it, including nice green Chrysoprase from Australia.

Tiger Eye 40x30 mm (1 pc.)
Morrisonite (?) 40x30 mm (1 pc.)
Moss Agate 40x30 mm (1 pc.)
Rhodochrosite 20x15 mm (10 pcs.) and 16x12 mm (3 pcs.)
Chrysoprase (17 pcs. in all, mostly 9x6 mm and 10x8 mm)
Spectrolite (Labradorite) 8x6 mm (13 pcs.) and 10x8 mm (8 pcs.)
Opal (two are good, one is cracked) 12x10 mm
Aventurine 18x13 mm (1 pc.)

Close-up photos:
click for larger image click for larger image
click for larger image click for larger image
The spectrolite looks a lot better when you can rotate it in the light to see its blue iridescence. In the photo, only one of them is at the right orientation to the light.

Individually, the cabs would add up to quite a bit more than the total price.  Conservatively, we estimate there are probably $300 worth of gemstones in this lot. The color in the rhodochrosite is quite good. It appears natural (undyed).

If you make jewelry or even just collect cabs, this is a valuable assortment at a great price.

Ship. wt. 2 lbs.
#CAB14A.........$99  Sale:  $79

CT1040. Rhodonite designer cab Rhodonite with garnet and serpentine - northwestern USA. Designer cab with flat face and beveled edges; back is unpolished.
Ribbons of pink rhodonite run through a matrix of caramel-colored garnet and / or serpentine, making for a highly aesthetic cabochon.

Max dimensions approx 31 x 22 mm.

#CT1040 ... $16.00

CT1060. Rhodonite "easter egg" cab Rhodonite with several other minerals including garnet & serpentine- northwestern USA. This one has regions of pale blue in it (unusual) which complement the pink rhodonite well. Uncalibrated oval (ca. 39 x 29 mm) with shallow-domed face; back is unpolished.
... SOLD

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