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Q:  I'm looking for something more in the beginner or department store price range, because I don't know if my son/daughter will hold interest in it.  What should I buy?

A:  Have a look at the Mobi, Jr. beginner microscopes.  They are low-priced but have real glass optics and metal construction.

Q:  What microscope should I buy?  I have so many questions!

A:  Don't hesitate to contact us;  we'll gladly help you through your decision and discuss the available choices within your budget.

CR Scientific

Observer III Educational Microscope
Observer IV Educational Microscope

Update 5 August 2009:  The Observer III and IV, our best-selling educational microscopes for homeschooling and high school use, are being replaced by the Student Microscope series. 

For professional lab and medical microscopes, please have a look at the Revelation III series, the M2 Labscope, or the great new I4 Labscope.

Observer III
• 40x / 100x / 400x magnification
• Parcentered & parfocal
• Multi-coated DIN achromat optics
• Rotating headpiece
• Sturdy construction
• Iris diaphragm
• Abbe condenser & Iris diaphragm
(NA 1.25)
• Built-in fluorescent lighting
• Adjustable stage stop
• Fine & coarse focus knobs
• Filter holder
• Lifetime manuf. warranty
(excludes bulbs and fuses)
• Can accept mechanical stage
     (available separately)

The Observer IV includes all features of the Observer III plus a 1000x maximum magnification instead of 400. Both are serious microscopes at surprisingly affordable prices.
Observer III compound microscope
Shown:  Observer III
Monocular version

The "Observers" are light-transmittance (biological) microscopes. If you're looking for a 'scope to view minerals, fossils, stamps, or similar items, please have a look at the Paragon and Achiever stereo inspection microscopes.

Observer III................Please see our new Student Microscopes
Monocular version (single-eyepiece).  We use one of these to take most of our photomicrographs.  It's just a great all-around microscope at an affordable price.

Observer III w/ Binocular head
Lets you use both eyes at once to see through the microscope.

Observer IV
Observer IV...............Please see our new Student Microscopes

Monocular version (single-eyepiece).  The Observer IV is like the III with an extra objective lens (100x oil-immersion lens, for a total magnification of 1000x).  

Observer IV binocular
Observer IV w/ Binocular head............$400
Sale price $369
Lets you use both eyes at once for a view that looks better and feels more natural.

Observer IV
"Plus" model.........$649
 Sale price $499
Binocular head, mechanical stage, coaxial focus, & halogen lighting.  Each of these features is a step up from the one provided on the standard Observer IV.  This makes it the top of the line in the Observer series.

Please see the new M1 PLUS Binocular which has all the features of the fully-loaded Observer IV.


Mechanical Stage for Observer series microscopes.............$48
Put this on your Observer IID, III, or IV to allow for precise positioning of your slide.

Oil Immersion Lens, 100x - DIN achromatic oil objective.  Lets you upgrade your Observer III to 1000x (will also fit the Obs. IV as a replacement part).
Manuf. retail is $99


Teaching Head & 10x Eyepiece.......................$90
Replaces the regular monocular head on an Observer.  Lets two people use the microscope at once so the instructor can find and point out important cell features.

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