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CR Scientific

Chemistry Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles #C3135

#C3135.  Deluxe Chemical Splash Goggles, Fogless
Chemical lab safety goggles with Anti-Fog lens.  New.  One size fits most.

Indirect vents for chemical splash protection
• Impact protection
• 100% UV protection
• 0.064 fogless polycarbonate lens
• Meets ANSI Z87.1, UL, and CE standards

Appearance may vary slightly from photo (e.g., white vents and/or white strap instead of black).

$6.95 each


How to Clean Safety Goggles

Lens paper is not as scratch-free as one might expect.  Paper is made of wood fibers.  These make tiny scratches in clear plastic.  Before long, lens paper can ruin plastic lenses!  We have found the best way to clean polycarbonate lenses is the following method:

1.)  Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially the fingertips.  It is important that you have no grit or foreign particles on your skin.

2.)  Rinse the safety goggles under running water to dislodge the worst of the dirt.  Next, pour soapy water on the lenses.  We like to use a small wash bottle with some Alconox detergent.  With the [clean] pads of your fingers, rub the soapy water all over the lenses on both sides.

3.)  Rinse goggles thoroughly in tap water, followed by a final rinse in distilled water.  Let dry.

We've found this method can easily double the useful life of a pair of goggles.  

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