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100 mL separatory funnel
Separatory Funnel,
100 mL
, Squibb type (inverted pear-shaped), borosilicate glass, PTFE stopcock. Plastic stopper.

Price: $24.95 each

The glass separatory funnel (often called a "sep funnel) is a very useful item in organic chemistry. Also finds use in inorganic analysis, particularly when using dye-like compounds or other indicators to detect metal cations.

The "sep funnel" can also be used for controlled addition of liquids into another container when exact volume is not critical. A steady progression of single drops, for example, can be added over a span of several minutes.
Appearance / brand may vary from photo.

50 mL Separatory Funnel
- Borosilicate glass; PTFE stopcock;
plastic stopper.
Smaller sizes (< 100 mL) are gaining favor in organic chem teaching labs.
$24.95 ea.


250 mL Separatory Funnel. Borosilicate; PTFE stopcock; plastic stopper.
$29.95 ea.


Please note:  The glass stopcock version has been discontinued.  If they become available again, we will update this page.   Currently, all sizes have PTFE stopcock.

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