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CR Scientific

Vacuum Pumps

Hand Operated

Motorized / Electric Pump

Hand Operated, with Pressure Gauge

Designed to create low-intensity suction for use with a Büchner funnel / filtration flask setup. Each actuation of the hand pump moves roughly 15 mL of air, up to a total of about 725 mL of air

#C2061.... $32.95 each
Ship. wt. 1 lb.


We have experimented with this unit on an 8" vacuum desiccator and found it pulls only about 5 to 8 inches Hg, negative gauge. The hand pump does not have the power to evacuate large containers; on anything more than about 700 mL total volume, the full vacuum of ca. 24 inches Hg won't be attainable.

Please see below for a pump that works for vacuum desiccators.

This pump is primarily for suction filtration on a filter flask, for which we've found it to work very well. Make sure your flask and funnel are securely held in place by support stand & clamps; the stand should be anchored firmly to your bench top.

Includes a piece of tubing to connect to the side tubulation of a filter flask.

Unit is constructed mostly of polychloroethylene plastic. There is a pressure release valve (red lever) which can be used to re-normalize pressure without having to remove the hose.

Specifications and Additional Notes:

The pump's enclosed instructions claim the unit can create a vacuum of 50 mm Hg absolute pressure, which equates to a negative gauge pressure of 710 mm or 27.4 inches Hg.  However, that depends on the size of the vessel being evacuated.  These units can generally pull a vacuum of 620 mm Hg (24.4 inches Hg), negative gauge, on small vessels.  This is more than enough for general vacuum filtration, considering we've successfully done filtration with negative gauge pressures of only 5 inches Hg.

The actual pressure markings on the pump's gauge go all the way to 760 mm Hg (negative gauge) just for reference.

Please make sure your flask or other vessel is held securely in place (for example, by a rubber-lined clamp attached to a stand that's been bolted to the lab bench) so it isn't inadvertently pulled off the tabletop while operating the hand pump.

Electric Motorized Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump, Rotary Vane, 3 CFM, 2-Stage.   Oil sealed. 

A fast-acting pump for vacuum desiccators, vac. packaging, etc. 
Can also be used as a pressure (output) pump.  
Laboratory use only.

Motor horesepower:  1/4 hp
Vacuum:  to 5 Pa (37 microns / 0.037 mm Hg)
Vacuum takeoff dia. about 1/2" O.D.
Voltage / Power:   110/120V AC, standard USA three prong plug. 
Ship. wt.  30 lb.

Condition:  New.  

Be sure to add oil (included) before using.

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