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CR Scientific

Water Bath, Digitally-Controlled

Introducing the "MyBath" from Benchmark Scientific.

Please note:  The well appears very shallow in the picture, but what you're seeing is a rim or indentation around the inside of the well.  Actual well depth is 5 1/2 inches.

Well dimensions: 5.3 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches
Well capacity:  4 liters

Temperature range:  Ambient +5 to 100 C
Temp. accuracy:  +/- 0.2 C
Temp. increments:  0.1 C
Temp. uniformity: +/- 0.2 C

Overall width:  7.7 inches.
Overall height:  12.2 inches with lid / 9 inches without
Overall depth (front to back):  13.9 inches

Includes:  Three different tube racks (50 mL x 15 tubes, 14 mL x 41 tubes, 1.5/2 mL x 40 tubes.)   This makes the MyBath complete and ready to use with the most frequently-used sizes of Eppendorf & centrifuge tubes.

Ship.wt. 17 lbs.
#B2000-4.... $769.00

Choose 120V or 240V AC


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